We offer weekly, monthly and quarterly site maintenance programs tailored to your budget for lawn, bed and arbor care. Services include but not limited to: mowing, mulching, edging, pruning, weed management, shrub and tree healthcare, clean up and irrigation management.

Each landscape is different and should be treated as such. We analyze the site make-up to determine the correct resources at the correct time to increase your curb appeal. We look to maximize the efficiency of the site make-up in order to better leverage the dollars you have committed to your landscape.



We are committed to improving the overall appearance and functionality of your property through our effective communication and design management.  Our experience allows us to maximize your dollars by fully understanding your goals and challenges of the specific project. You will find our solutions to be creative, unique, and cost effective.  We attack each canvas from different angles, presenting you with options to alter, build or add to your space.



From installation to maintenance and repair, ValleyScapes irrigation management will measure and deliver the optimum amount of water needed to ensure performance and health to shrubs, lawns, flowers and trees. We want landscapes to thrive and remain balanced which is why we incorporate routine maintenance and inspections of the systems we manage. More than 60% of wasted water in the U.S. is from poorly designed, installed and operated irrigation systems. This equates to higher water bills and poor utilization of resources.



The most expensive asset in your landscape is your trees. We take pride in monitoring the health and growth of your existing trees to ensure the right tree is installed in the correct thriving location. Our team provides planting, pruning, staking, relocation, removal services, stump grinding, installation, disease and insect control to suit the needs of your evolving landscape.

The safety of people and your property is our greatest concern. With that in mind we assess the health and conditions of your trees to ensure a safe environment. Our wet and windy Pacific NW weather can cause serious damage to trees. Poor conditions can lead to decay, instability, disease and insect activity. Ultimately our goal is to communicate the tree needs to you and take a proactive approach to save our trees!



Valleyscapes can repair your damaged curbs and concrete on your property. We can remove tree root damage, trip hazards and cracked concrete surfaces and replace with a fresh panels and curbs.




VS also offers pressure washing, snow and ice removals as well as lot striping. Give us a call and let us come up with your property solution.